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Should I Consolidate Debt into a Home Equity Loan?
Debts to be consolidated
Auto loan 1
Auto loan 2
Boat / RV
Other loan
Credit card 1
Credit card 2
Credit card 3
Credit card 4
Other account 1
Other account 2
Loan Information
Interest Rate (%)
Length of Loan (Yrs)
Upfront Costs ($)
Discount Points
Tax Rate (%)

Account analysis Financial analysis
Total debt: $9thousands_sep000.00 Yearly Interest Savings: $444.00
Monthly Payments: $910.00 Additional Tax Savings: $124.32
Monthly Interest: $97.00 Total Cost of Loan: $2thousands_sep090.00
Aggregate Interest Rate: 12.933% Payoff Timeline: 0 years 11 months
Account analysis
Loan Amount: $9thousands_sep000.00
Monthly Payment: $86.01
Monthly Interest: $60.00
Interest Rate: 8.000%

Enter estimated account information on all credit accounts you wish to consolidate. Additional accounts can be grouped into one entry. You may be better off not including loans which will be paid off sooner than your proposed consolidation loan, even if their interest rate is higher than the consolidation loan's rate.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this calculator. You should check with your finance provider before entering into any contracts.
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